Face concrete systems

The VELOX face concrete building technology in the board-clip- construction or with prefabricated wall modules is used for construction of family homes and multi-storey residential as well as commercial buildings.

Certified wall systems for outdoor and indoor use in different wall thicknesses are used to build residential and commercial buildings with rapid progress, energy-efficient and in the passive house standard.

Special advantage: The system is casing, thermal and noise insulation at the same time and is extremely earthquake-proof.

Insulation - chip boards
50WS 50
75WS 75
Noise protection - chip boards
WSD 30
WSD 35
WSD 50
Bilayer - chip boards
WS-EPS 115
WS-EPS 135
WS-EPS plus 135 
WS-EPS 185
WS-EPS plus 185
Clips for construction
different types of clips
Soffit stripes
stripes made of insulation - chip boards
Wall systems

For construction of multi-storey residential and commercial buildings there are different wall systems available – according to static, thermal or technical requirements. Different board thicknesses can be combined individually with the necessary concrete core thickness and hence result in the optimum wall thickness.

At the construction site, the shuttering system boards are quickly and safely assembled with brackets into a formwork body and filled with core concrete. Thermal insulation noise-proofing, statically bearing structures are created in one work step.

Furthermore, the face concrete boards are the casing, lathing and installation plane in one.
In residential and civil construction the VELOX face concrete system with face concrete boards is used. The walls are thin, fulfill an optimum of noise insulation, they have a high load-bearing capacity and are earthquake-proof.

The VELOX wood-concrete-system is proved for over 50 years.

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Insulation boards

VELOX insulation boards are useful as a concreting component (fit for laying into the casing – without any additional fixing possible), for planking of wood structures (to increase the storage mass and to protect against overheating in summer) as well as for fire protection.

Take advantage of the benefits: fit for universal use, processable like wood, fire-resistant, noise insulating, thermally insulating, suitable lathing, weather-resistant and fit for use without fixing.

Insulation - chip boards
WS 25
WS 35
Sound protection - chip boards
WSD 25
Interior construction - boards
WS 75
WS 100
Climate - boards
WSI 35
WSI 50
WSI 75
Prefabricated products

Industrial prefabrication guarantees short construction-times as well as a continued, high level of quality. The use at a construction-site with all kinds of weather conditions and shortage of qualified staff, ecological demands and stability of value, leads to the result that practitioners increase the usage of finished products.

For the trend towards fast construction VELOX has the solution: prefabricated products. Due to: huge time savings on site, the user can reduce costs and receives better quality without additional expenses.

The wide product range offers a number of prefabricated form works, which are all ready to use – from prefabricated wall modules, lintel- and column-casings up to round-arches-form work.

Noise protection

VELOX developed some special types of boards with different surface-structures, which are used for the construction of noise protection walls in public and commercial areas, as well as for noise absorption and as decorative-coverings.

For noise protection walls in high-level road transport and on rail routes there are mounted noise absorption- and / or noise insulation-boards on a wood frame-construction, which are supplied as finished items.

The VELOX noise absorption panels are ideal for noise protection measures on ceilings and walls to reduce operation noise as well as road-noise inside and outside.

4003 S
4003 M
4003 XL 
steel beams
Visibility protection

Decorative noise protection walls are also increasingly used in private residential construction projects: they make the – architecture of the home look – better and act as a noise killer.

Absorbtion boards
WSS 35
WSR 50
WSA 50
WSO 80
steel beams
Other applications
dry construction & panelling for indoor areas
panelling on timber frame-construction
absorption plate on concrete beams
noise absorption of building construction
renovation of old noise protection-walls
armored walls
raised bed
round walls
absorbing covering